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Ipsy October Glambag: Make Up For Ever, NYX, & more!

Happy Fall Ya'll! 

Let's get tipsy... wait Ipsy, yeah that's what I meant!

So next month, or should I say in a few days since November is just days away, will be my one year anny with Ipsy I have also tried Birchbox in the past but Ipsy gives you a new adorable makeup bag every month – and who doesn’t love those?!  (Tip - these make great stocking stuffers filled with goodies!)  I also feel Ipsy seems to have more high quality brands and products than my Birchbox did.  Below you will find a personal review of my 5 products that I received in my October bag inspired and designed by Valfre! (<-- Find some super cute & funky accessories there!)

First off, we have the PUR Cosmetics “Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque with Pascalite Clay”.  This mudd/clay mask was a great consistency but I will say that it dried VERY quickly on the skin which proved difficult for caking it on!  I used my fingertips to apply the mask and I think if you had a cool metal tool to use for application, that difficulty would no longer be a problem!  I left this mask on for the max time suggested – 20 minutes – and then hopped in the shower to rinse it off.  My skin was like butter after I rinsed and pat dried my face!  Any dryness was gone, it was silky smooth, and I even felt my skin had decreased redness!  I would definitely recommend this mask product but I absolutely love masks in the first place!  Get this dirty mask right here for $29 at Ulta! 
Next up, I received MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in R230 (Ivory) as I am very fair complected!  The description states that it is “completely invisible coverage” and boy oh boy, is it?!  I definitely say that I am completely unbiased in my assessment of this because this shade was actually a bit too yellow for my skin tone (a need a bit more pink than yellow) but it blended so well and you couldn’t see any discoloration!  This foundation went on so flawlessly and was so light that I barely noticed I had makeup on!  It was a little more liquid than I use as my day to day foundation (currently fawning over NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc).  I used my favorite foundation brush and used a stipling application to give more full coverage.  I applied the remainder of my makeup and finished it off with the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder Throughout the day, I didn’t feel like I needed to touch up my foundation for any reason!  Overall, even with the slight need for a different color, I would HIGHLY recommend this foundation if you are looking for a light weight, soft finish that lasts all day!  The full size of this foundation is $43.00 at Sephora One great thing about Ipsy – monthly discounts/deals!!  Products featured that month will have great codes to use online – anywhere from 15-40% off!

**Also, Sephora is having a crazy FLASH sale on shipping!! $10 for a year of FREE 2-Day Shipping!! Whaaaaaa?! I know right! Get it here!**

Moving on to our beautiful eyes – which I always try to make the focal point of my look!  I received Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind “Brighten & Define Eye Shadow Palette inVanilla/Espresso” This duo/palette has a velvety texture and a little goes a long way!  For me, it created the perfect smoky eye.  The espresso shadow is great because you need a small amount to create great dimension on your eyelid.  I also used it to smudge the eyeliner on my lower lid!  The vanilla shade was great for highlighting my browbone as well as the inner corner of my eye.  This duo is a great basic, every day shadow set and makes it very easy to go from day to night!  I always use eyeshadow primer and believe it is key to making sure any eyeshadow stays in place.  I had some creasing by the end of the day but not noticeably enough that I felt the need to touch it up.  The full size of this duo is $30.00 and also comes in “Lace/Caviar” available here.

I also received NYX “Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Gunmetal” Let me start this portion by saying that I am not a fan of liquid eyeliner….at all.  I prefer my felt tip or gel liners!  This was a very “vivid” and shiny silver liquid liner.  I personally feel that whenever I try to apply liquid liners it never goes where I intend it!  Although this was a very pretty color, it is just not really a color I would use!  I really think since my skin is so fair, it just wasn't a large enough contrast to make a bold statement for me.  This eyeliner stayed in place (I will give credit where it is due haha) and would probably be great for some bold dramatic eye looks or even a Halloween costume!  The full size is $7.00 and does come in a plethora of bright colors found here!
In the top photo, you can see the smudging/bleeding and in the bottom photo, the clumping in the heart.
The last item I received was lipstick – which I am always most excited about since they send colors I wouldn’t normally lean toward in the store!  This month was noyah “Natural Lipstick in Currant News” This is a natural ingredient lipstick in a deep, rich berry shade.  The other color that I could’ve received was “Smoke” – a grey nude shade (which I probably would have adored).  This lipstick was very moist, smooth, and lightweight.  Before I say anything else, I would like to start by saying, I know how to apply lipstick and use liner!!  I applied my liner, which didn’t match perfectly but it’s not like I was going to run out and buy a shade to match, and then applied the lipstick.  It was a very pretty shade but seemed to clump up on random areas of my lips.  Not only did it clump but after about 5-10 minutes of wearing it, it seemed to bleed and smudge all over the place!  I put a swatch on my hand, above, and you can see the clumping even on my hand.  With that being said, I wouldn’t personally buy this lipstick or recommend it.  Perhaps if it had been a lighter shade, the outcome would have been different?  If you are willing to give it a try, you can purchase it here for $18.00.

These were just 5 products that I have received over the last year!  For $10 a month, I have found numerous products that I love!  I didn’t get one this month, but I have also received fragrances – my fav being Elizabeth & James “Nirvana Black”!

I would recommend giving ipsy a try, even if it is just for one month!  You can sign up here!!  If you continue with your ipsy subscription, make sure to review your products each month.  Ipsy tailors the products they send you based on what you like/don’t like so it is important to review the products!  Also, you get points every time you review a product that you can put toward bonus items that come in addition to your monthly items.  Discounts also change all the time and make it easy to get a good deal on a new product you love!!

I hope this made you consider giving ipsy a try and thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate any feedback since I’m still a newbie blogging for funsies!!  Don't judge my lower quality photos - no high class camera just my trusty iPhone, for now :) 

**This post contains affiliate links (when you click and/or purchase from an affiliate link, I get a small commission for the sale at no cost to you).  Thanks for supporting the blog!**

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 Day Military Diet - My (Hangry) Experience

Let’s talk about se…. Oh wait, that’s not the right song for this topic!  Let’s talk about the 3 Day Military Diet!  I know you have probably seen this seemingly 'miracle diet" floating around Pinterest, just as I did!  My first thought was “Really? 10 pounds in 3 days??  I’ve got to give this a try at the very least!”.  And that is exactly what I did!

Source: Pinterest

My current fitness journey began, as everyone’s does, in January of this year.  I went hard, lost some weight, and fell off the wagon around the beginning of March.  I got back on the wagon and, of course, fell off again.  Well, I have been going strong since mid-July (with the encouraging help of Dietbet) and don’t plan on slowing down any time soon! 
I had been consistently losing weight since I started this time around but had hit a plateau in September.  It just seemed like no matter what I did i.e. ate less, ate more, changed my workout routine/time, I couldn’t seem to bust through the stinking plateau!  Scrolling through my Pinterest one evening after a run, I saw this magical pin!  I thought why not, it doesn’t seem too hard since I’ve already been eating healthy and incorporating exercise!  So I did my research, read the entire website, blogs, forums on the diet, and made my shopping list.  All the items on my list were fairly inexpensive.  I believe for the full 3 days of the diet, I paid around $30 in one trip. 

The diet itself is very straightforward so I won't bore you with the details or pics of every meal!  The day before I stopped eating around 4:00 p.m. just to get my body ready for the decrease in food!  Below is the diet outline that I followed 100% and includes a shopping list!  I did not waiver on anything listed below, nothing more and nothing less!

Source: Military Diet

By the end of day one, I was still very optimistic about everything but that changed by lunch of day 2.  I was logging everything in MyFitnessPal and thought the calories seemed a little much.  Most diet plans I had ever seen or tried have you eating your most calories for breakfast and tapering throughout the day so that you don’t have a heavy meal in the evening, leaving no time to burn it off.  This diet was the opposite!  I was eating 100-200 calories for breakfast, about the same for lunch, then dinner was 600-800 calories!!  For this being a “low-calorie” diet, that seemed a bit excessive!  This made me extremely hangry during the day and almost nauseated in the evening eating so much food.  I did not give up and followed through to the end. 

My results?  Was it 10 pounds and I could wear my tight little black dress out for dinner??
NOPE! ZERO! 0 pounds is what I lost!!!  By the end of the diet I honestly felt bloated, tired, and HUNGRY!!  I looked over all my resources to make sure that I hadn't gone terribly wrong somewhere, and found that I hadn't.  I had walked in the evenings, which is all I could do since I was so tired by the time I got home, and ate exactly what I was told to.  This was just not the diet to help me!

I will say that it did somehow break my plateau though!  The following day, I had a cheat meal of brick oven pizza (about 300 calories per large slice, I had 2) and that shocked my system!  I was able to start losing weight again after that but by following my own diet and not a fad!

All in all – I think the Military Diet may be helpful for those that are currently eating tons of high calorie, high sugar foods and drinks but not for an individual who is already eating a lower calorie, protein rich diet as I am. 
Feel free to try it out for yourself and let me know your results!!  I am interested to see if others have a different result than I had!!
**Everything said is my own personal experience following the military diet.  Results will vary as with any diet/exercise routine!**

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