Monday, November 7, 2016

Birthday Food Frenzy: French Toast, Cake, & BBQ

Happy Monday after time change everyone!  

We celebrated my better half’s dirty 30 this past weekend with some food and relaxing time together!  Since he is not one for parties and it seems every time we’ve gone out for his birthday, something has gone wrong, we decided to just relax at home.  I did end up talking the old man into a brunch out and some shopping after! 

                The birthday tradition in my house growing up was my mom making homemade lasagna with the cake of our choosing for our birthdays (I would endlessly pick her lemonade cake as did my brother).  Lucky for me, that tradition is living on in my home as an adult.  Even though homemade lasagna is time consuming, the outcome is WELL worth it.  Although I did not make everything from scratch this go around, seeing how I worked all day then came home to cook, it was still very delicious.  I bought everything I needed from Walmart (only since it was right up the road and didn't care to drive further to Kroger) for about $15.  

The lasagna turned out great and continued to feed both of us throughout the week.  This would be the perfect dish to make on the weekend normally and eat over the next few days or even freeze to enjoy later!  He loves Nothing Bundt Cakes in Frisco so I picked out two mini bundtlets for him to enjoy – cinnamon roll & lemon.  A few bites were all that we could have that evening since we were so full of lasagna but they were also delicious!  It was a very mellow night at home to mourn his 20s and celebrate his 30s!

               The compromise for us having dinner at home the night of was enjoying some time running around town this weekend (& having all of our favorite foods).  This, my friends, is a big deal!  I usually have to BEG for him to go shopping or run errands so I was ecstatic when he easily agreed to tag along!  Saturday morning we had brunch at one of our newly discovered favorites – Black Walnut Café.  Typically, I am strict dieting and just get a simple plate with eggs and bacon but I went all out this weekend!  Prepare yourself for drooling!

Napoleon French toast with strawberries, spiced walnuts, topped with delicious cannoli creme and a yummy Peppermint Mocha on the side.  This combination was perfect for the chill in the air (it went from 80s to a cool mid-60s over the weekend here in Texas).  I will definitely be attempting this amazing recipe on my own in the future (watch out for that recipe!)

                After brunch, we went gallivanting (haha – I love using that word for some reason) around town and picked up some goodies on sale!  I will be posting later this week on the things we picked up and steals that we found!  I am always looking for a bargain because let’s face it, no matter how much money you have, what is the point of wasting it?!  I also got the chance to pick up everything that I needed for the baby shower I am hosting this weekend for the lovely Camille over at The Cocooners!  All favors, game prizes, and decorations have been purchased!  Planning such an event is much more work than I thought it would be – but absolutely worth it!!  I clearly see why there is a whole career field for party planning now!  

For dinner, we went to – what has quickly become – one of our favorite BBQ places in Texas.  Being from Oklahoma, barbeque is everywhere so I have tried many a brisket and Hard Eight BBQ is AMAZING!  You literally pick your food from the smoker/grill that they have set up as you are walking in.  We always choose brisket but this time also got a slice of ham, turkey, and sausage to venture out and try.  The food is market style so you pick the amount you want.  We usually pick much more than we will eat while we are there because the food makes such great leftover lunches for the work week!  We ate way too much and yet still got some cherry cobbler to enjoy!  Once we made it home, we were ready to pass – helping us enjoy that extra hour of sleep that much more!

The rest of our weekend consisted of puppy kisses, laundry, dishes, and cleaning house! Regular old people shenanigans – haha!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that the extra hour of sleep worked in their favor when waking up this Monday morning!
XOXO Gossip Girl 

……………Just kidding – the identity of Gossip Girl ruined my life almost as bad as Lost ending did – le sigh.


  1. Gossip Girl - lol! That lasagna looks really yummy!

  2. Your pics made me want to pause my diet this weekend lol! That lasagna is a guilty pleasure. Great post! xx


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