Friday, July 7, 2017

Why am I blogging?

What am I doing?

Hello old friends (& new). It has been quite some time since I made a commitment to be consistent with blogging and for that, I’m not even sorry. Why you ask? I needed a break!! Not just from blogging but social media in general, so I took a step back to catch my breath. And this is my first post in MONTHS but sadly, it will be a bit boring to some of you so I will throw in some pretty pictures of life lately & some favorite looks from my fav bloggers to keep you interested.

via Instagram @TheCocooners & @BasicallyJoy

Why did I start blogging? I originally started blogging because a dear friend and fellow blogger talked me into it. Okay, okay, she didn’t really have to do much convincing as it sounded quite fun and well, it was but then it wasn’t so much. When I first got started, I was enjoying writing blog posts, posting on social media, and meeting new people that also loved blogging (& quite frankly, who were much better than me at all of the above). I was dabbling in everything on the blog i.e. recipes, reviews, fashion and having a blast! I was and, am still not, a professional photographer yet I enjoyed playing around with different shots, lighting, etc.! To me, it didn’t matter that my pictures and posts may not be “Professional Blogger” status since that wasn’t the reason I got started in the first place. I knew that after one post I wouldn’t magically become like my Oklahoma girl Emily at The Sweetest Thing, or slay the IG game like Savilla of Vogue for Breakfast and I was 100% okay with that.

After just a month, I was getting a GREAT response and was so proud, ask Camille over at The Cocooners since she got to constantly hear about it haha! I tripled my Instagram following, got smarter about Pinterest, started a Twitter, and got great feedback/comments on my posts, it was amazing and I loved it! But almost as quickly as I began, I was completely consumed! Juggling a career, fur babies, my family, a newborn niece, friends, my boyfriend, my health plus blogging was beginning to be way too much!

*Disclaimer: BLOGGING IS TOUGH! 

This is what most people don’t realize about bloggers. It is time consuming & time management needs to be one of your best attributes! This is where I began to slip, planning out outfits and when to take pictures of said planned outfits, brainstorming new recipes & getting pictures, coming up with original content for blog posts, preparing the “perfect” IG post and so on plus daily life was just not working. With all of this, I can see why those amazing bloggers that we love to follow on social media or read their posts become full time bloggers (not all but many do). I am beyond impressed by them!
The Sweetest Thing

via Instagram @SavillaMountain
But now, I’m BACK. With this go around, I have a very specific goal of not striving for perfection. I can’t compare myself to other bloggers so I just have to do the “fun” stuff that got me started doing this in the first place. If you follow me on social media (if you don’t, you should *wink*), you’ll notice my posts will be less manicured and contain more aspects of non-blog life and hopefully that’s something you’ll enjoy! I’m also opening my blog life up to friends now and not just strangers or fellow bloggers, ha! 

I haven’t posted much or gotten my personal Facebook friends involved since I didn’t know what they think and that scared me a bit but I finally took the plunge and made a Facebook page for my blog. Don't worry if you're my IRL friend, I wasn’t planning on spamming everyone I know with requests or invites but would love for you to like my page and support a friend! But I do have to remember that I’m doing this for me, for fun and if someone doesn’t like a post or picture then well, okay bye.  Alright, I do hope that’s not the case but I’m also not going to be hurt if someone doesn’t want to do those things. #confident
Amazing egg sandwich from Egg Stand Inc at the Frisco Rail Yard
So cheers everyone! We are halfway through 2017 and I have some huge plans for this year. To kick those off, I gave the blog a face lift and have written my first back at it post! I hope you stick around for all the exciting, and even the boring, posts that I will be bringing to the table in the months to come. I do promise that I won’t be writing these heartfelt, mushy, gross posts frequently but a little emotion never killed anybody. Thank you to those who have supported me in all my adventures – you da real MVP.  

…………………..Just kidding its Westbrook, always will be, #okcthunder

*The beautiful bloggers I mentioned above in this post did not ask me to say nice things about them or compensate me in any way; I did it of my own volition as I have the utmost respect & admiration for them. I highly recommend you check them out though!


  1. Blogging is tough and very time consuming. You have to love it to do it.

  2. Welcome back! And I feel you! Takes so much time and effort!! I take unintentional hiatuses from time to time and always come back inspired!

  3. Welcome back! Can't wait to follow along on what's next for you!


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