Friday, August 25, 2017

A Love for a Puppy: Holly

UPDATE APRIL 2019: Sweet Holly crossed the rainbow bridge April 6, 2019.

You made it to Friday, that deserves a congrats and pat on the back my friends! Today is going to be a little sweet but sad touchy feely post so carry on about your day if you don't want that in your life right now. Just the thought of writing this post got me emotional and teary eyed. I just dropped my first fur baby off at the vet to *hopefully* get all her cancer removed. I wanted to share a little background on how she ended up in my life and some pictures from over the years. Please forgive the pics as it's not like I had a fancy camera or "camera phone", as they were referred to as back in the day you youngsters, when some of these pictures were taken. But then again, that's what pictures are for, to relive memories, good or bad.

Sweet little Holly was born sometime in October 2008. We celebrate October 1st as her birthday though. The mother of my boyfriend at the time was driving back from Christmas shopping when she noticed someone was giving away puppies from a box in a parking lot. She stopped knowing that I had recently lost my childhood dog and picked out the runt of the litter. I was at her house watching a movie with their family when she gave this sweet faced little pup to me as an early Christmas gift. Since it was Christmas time, Holly seemed a very fitting name. I still use Holly Berry as her nickname.

Short background on the wonderful woman who gave Holly to me. She was the most kind, caring, loving, selfless woman that I've met to this day. She always had an open home to me and treated me like family from day one. She lost her long battle with breast cancer in 2010, so Holly is my last little connection with her.

Caught her mid snort/sneeze, haha.
Flash forward 9 years and here we are. It was a normal day for us. I was giving her some "lovins" when I felt what, at the time, I thought was a bug bite. That bug bite seemed to grow rather slowly and since it didn't seem to want to go away no matter what I did to it, I took her into the vet. The vet quickly decided that he wanted to aspirate the growth to take a look at the cells, with the results being a cancerous Mast Cell Tumor. Today, she will be having the entire portion, about a 2x2 inch tumor, removed from her leg. (You'll notice the size is not small at all, well that's because after he aspirated it, it got very angry and grew with a venegence!) From the removed tumor, they will determine if the cancer has already metastasized or if we got it out in time and it didn't wander off somewhere else. So now, we wait...............

K-9 unit for Halloween, 2011, hah. She was not pleased with the hat.
Regardless of the results, I am going to be loving this little girl extra hard from now on. I figure that if her momma can handle a little bit of the cancer (Melanoma survivor right here!), then she can too! I have every hope that this will be the end of that dreaded C word in our home and that she will come home as a happy, healthy new pup! Keep my little baby in your thoughts today, and I will try not to cry every time I even remotely think about it!

This morning before we headed to the vet.
Love your fur babies a little harder tonight!


  1. Your pup is seriously the cutest. Has the sweetest little eyes. Im so happy to hear she will be ok, the love we feel for our pets is huge cant image what you went through.

  2. Oh my goodness! I will definitely be sending good vibes your way. I hope she is cancer free! I have a Boston too. Some of the most lovable dogs imaginable.

  3. She is adorable!!! I pray that she gets better and kicks cancers butt!!! My fur babies are my children so I know how it is to worry about them.

  4. Awe poor gal!! Hoping everything is alright!

  5. She is the cutest! Her K-9 unit costume is adorable! Good luck with everything, Holly is loved and that's the most important thing.

  6. Giving my pup lots of extra hugs today! Definitely praying for sweet little Holly and hoping the cancer is behind you. She's such a cutie!

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