Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Do It Yourself: Newborn Shadow Box

Happy hump day all!

I am so thankful that this week and next week are short weeks for me! I’m really hoping I can take advantage of the time at home to get some decorating done and quite frankly, unpack the last of our boxes, one year later. Moving in while 7 months pregnant is no fun then you have the baby and free time is out the window. Or like for me, you have the free time but have a million other things to do and that gets pushed to the side. I mean, who am I kidding?! If it has been in a box since we moved in, it is safe to say I don’t need it anyway!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Simple Pregnancy Story

I can’t even believe that I am posting about my pregnancy journey and birth story. When they tell you that time flies once you have kids, it REALLY does! It honestly feels like just last month that I was pregnant, so imagine my surprise when I realized that I now have an EIGHT month old – like whaaaaat?! He is honestly the best kid but I shouldn’t jump ahead! Once I started thinking about this post, I knew I needed to do 2 separate posts – one for pregnancy and one for the birth story. There are just so many details to both and every pregnancy journey is different!

Maternity pictures done by Grey Lace Photography
I wish I could say that Stephen and I had been trying, hoping, or praying to get pregnant and that I got to surprise him in some sweet way but that could NOT be farther from the truth. Last March, I just started a new job and we had signed the contract for our now home (the second home we had started building – ugh story for another day I suppose!). We were also scrambling to find a place to live! Our lease was ending, since at that point we should have been moving into the home that we walked away from, but now needed a short-term lease somewhere until our new home was complete. I guess you could say we were somewhat busy! I made my annual appointment to see my OB since it was time to get that good ole birth control pill refilled. My doctor wouldn’t refill my prescription because SURPRISE I was pregnant. I was about 3 weeks when I found out, and hysterical. I wasn’t hysterical because I didn’t want to be pregnant but I was so shocked and overwhelmed at the timing! There were so many unknowns and decisions that needed to be had. I guess we need to sell furniture that was going to go in a guest room We have to buy furniture for a nursery. Will we be moved in before I go into labor? How will I tell my brand new job? SO. MANY. UNKNOWNS!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hitting the Blog Running

Guess who’s back, back again… 

Soooo I have been gone for a bit, ha oops! And since I have been gone quite awhile, I think I am long overdue for a catch up post in 3… 2… 1…:

First things first, we bought a house! We actually built 2 but we got down to about 2 months prior to close on the first one and were very dissatisfied with several items. Ultimately, we knew we had to walk away because the builder was not going to fix the issues we had found – or if they had, it would not have been to our standards! Our second home building process went much smoother. We ended up finding a nicer home in a better neighborhood and school district. There have been some hiccups in the almost year that we have lived in this home, but I feel that is to be expected with any new build. Maybe before our 2 year anniversary I will have it decorated and be able to show you around! HA – anyone else a decorating procrastinator? 😊

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