Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Simple Pregnancy Story

I can’t even believe that I am posting about my pregnancy journey and birth story. When they tell you that time flies once you have kids, it REALLY does! It honestly feels like just last month that I was pregnant, so imagine my surprise when I realized that I now have an EIGHT month old – like whaaaaat?! He is honestly the best kid but I shouldn’t jump ahead! Once I started thinking about this post, I knew I needed to do 2 separate posts – one for pregnancy and one for the birth story. There are just so many details to both and every pregnancy journey is different!

Maternity pictures done by Grey Lace Photography
I wish I could say that Stephen and I had been trying, hoping, or praying to get pregnant and that I got to surprise him in some sweet way but that could NOT be farther from the truth. Last March, I just started a new job and we had signed the contract for our now home (the second home we had started building – ugh story for another day I suppose!). We were also scrambling to find a place to live! Our lease was ending, since at that point we should have been moving into the home that we walked away from, but now needed a short-term lease somewhere until our new home was complete. I guess you could say we were somewhat busy! I made my annual appointment to see my OB since it was time to get that good ole birth control pill refilled. My doctor wouldn’t refill my prescription because SURPRISE I was pregnant. I was about 3 weeks when I found out, and hysterical. I wasn’t hysterical because I didn’t want to be pregnant but I was so shocked and overwhelmed at the timing! There were so many unknowns and decisions that needed to be had. I guess we need to sell furniture that was going to go in a guest room We have to buy furniture for a nursery. Will we be moved in before I go into labor? How will I tell my brand new job? SO. MANY. UNKNOWNS!

All of those things were running through my head as I made the 45 minute drive home from my doctors. That was another factor, do I want to stay with a doctor who is 45 minutes away on a good traffic day? Which in the DFW area, it is almost always a BAD traffic day! When I made it back to our apartment, I sat in my car and cried for a few minutes, composed myself, and went inside. I walked in and honestly told my husband in the least romantic way possible. I have apologized to him for that so many times (ugh – palm to forehead). I walked into our construction zone of an apartment, moving boxes scattered everywhere, to him standing in the kitchen. He knew I had an appointment and saw that I was carrying a bag. He nonchalantly asked what I had, probably assuming I had gone shopping, and I tossed the bag onto the counter telling him to look and see. Watching him open it and his eyes getting wide then beginning to smile and say “you’re pregnant?!” in a voice that was very clearly a mixture of excitement, fear, and astonishment. My response? “I guess so Stephen” in the most annoyed voice ever, followed by me walking out of the room to change. HAHA – wife fail. In my defense, I was so bewildered by the entire situation that the whole day seems like a blur now. So now, it is just a funny story I get to tell because I was so surprised! Also, I can only improve for the next pregnancy! *wink*

Maternity pictures at Prairie Creek in Richardson. Photos by Grey Lace Photography
Fast forward 3 weeks and I was headed back to the doctor. Since at my initial appointment I was so early in the pregnancy (and only an empty sac was visible on ultrasound), the doctor wanted me to come back to confirm viable pregnancy. By this point, I had gotten over the initial shock and was terrified of getting bad news. The news, however, was great and our strong, little BOY was just growing away! When we went back for our 11 week appointment, we were able to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Let me just tell you, there is nothing better than seeing the future father’s face light up when he hears that quick, strong heartbeat for the very first time. It may be my favorite memory of my entire pregnancy.

Sweet Lynn's has done cookies for any event I have needed them for over the last 1.5 years!
I have to say I really had zero issues throughout my entire pregnancy. If I hadn’t been there for the ultrasound and noticed my belly starting to protrude, I wouldn’t believe that I was pregnant. There were no food cravings, nausea, etc. There was however, intense exhaustion! I am sure some of that is to blame on the moving twice (once at 4 months, the other at 7 months), but it was rough on someone that had a LOT to accomplish. We successfully got everything moved in and have since been slowly getting it all put together – that’s real life! I will be putting together a nursery tour in the future, once it is fully outfitted!
Some sweet pics snapped by Camille at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve - Note the lovely, glowing double chin and loads of extra weight!
The only other issue that I had was horrible swelling/weight gain in the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I stayed active and kept my diet in check throughout my entire pregnancy. Until about 34 weeks pregnant, I had only gained 15 pounds which I was very proud of! Then BAM! 45 pounds MORE in 5 weeks. I am only 5'4" on a good day so that was a BIG increase on my body. I was checked for preeclampsia but only had one instance of slightly elevated blood pressure. It took a toll on me and quadrupled the amount of stretch marks that I had on my tummy! Getting the weight off has been a challenge and I’m sure there will be more on that in the future!

My baby shower cake, made & photographed by Camille
I feel very blessed that I had no real scares during pregnancy (only labor – which will be in another post). I know that not everyone is that lucky and my heart goes out to you! I am also overwhelmed with an amazing group of friends and coworkers that gave me 2 AMAZING baby showers! You can take a look at my family and friends shower thrown by my dear friend Camille here! I know this was just a short snippet of my pregnancy journey but regardless, I want to document these little pieces, if not for anyone else but myself! And maybe, the fact that I had a fairly uneventful, boring pregnancy will give others hope that not all pregnancies are a rocky road. In the future, I want to get together some of my pregnancy must haves for you, what I used and what was a waste! Till next time friends…



  1. Congratulations! Time really does fly with kids. I can’t wait to see pics of the nursery. They’re so fun to decorate.

  2. Congrats on the baby! I love your honesty in writing what happened when you found out - life is always full of surprises!

  3. First of all, those maternity shoot photos are STUNNING! Second of all, congrats on the new addition!

  4. Two of my three pregnancies were surprised! I was three months along on one, while nursing a baby, when I found out! So I understand. And they are ALL such blessings! Congrats to you!!


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