Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Do It Yourself: Newborn Shadow Box

Happy hump day all!

I am so thankful that this week and next week are short weeks for me! I’m really hoping I can take advantage of the time at home to get some decorating done and quite frankly, unpack the last of our boxes, one year later. Moving in while 7 months pregnant is no fun then you have the baby and free time is out the window. Or like for me, you have the free time but have a million other things to do and that gets pushed to the side. I mean, who am I kidding?! If it has been in a box since we moved in, it is safe to say I don’t need it anyway!

 One of the small décor projects that I wanted to do was a shadow box for TK’s birth items. I honestly thought this was going to be more difficult and I’m really not sure why! The hardest thing was deciding what to put in there and how to arrange it. The shadow box itself cost less than $20 with tax at Hobby Lobby (use the 40% off coupon on their site - if it isn't already on sale). They had several different options, but I went with a simple black 12x16 frame. I also chose one that came with pins and backing to secure the items.

Once I had the shadow box, I grabbed everything I wanted to display. I took his hospital receiving blanket home with us when we were discharged. Before you are like “eww, that was at the hospital”, I brought it home and immediately washed it, but also had the intention of using it for his shadow box. Along with the blanket, I grabbed his coming home onesie and socks, birth announcement, hospital bracelet (I also used one of our bracelets for his baby book), stocking cap they gave him in the hospital, a newborn diaper, and his very first paci. FYI – I also didn’t intentionally keep the newborn diaper. It was accidentally left in a side pocket of his diaper bag and by the time I found it, he had already moved on to the next size so I thought it would make a cute addition!

First things first, I took apart the shadow box and use the back board to help me size the arrangement of items. I took the largest item (onesie) first and arranged it then just easily arranged everything else on top of it. I rearranged it a few times so that I could find the most aesthetically pleasing (to me) version! I first attempted to keep the blanket whole but that ended up being too bulky for the box, so I cut it to size. I only needed 3 of the 4 pins I was given to secure the items. That also kept the hospital blanket in place, and I didn’t need to secure it separately. I made sure that all the pins were hidden between or under objects. For the shadow box below, the pins are placed on the inside of a sock (holding both socks and pinning down the onesie), inside the beanie (also holding the onesie in place), and through a hole in his hospital bracelet that also held down his diaper. I used double sided tap to keep his announcement in place since I didn’t want to poke a hole through that! His paci stayed in place since it touched the glass so no extra holding measure was needed for that!

I did this all while baby boy was napping as you can see I had my monitor with me :) 
The end result is a super cute, commemorative piece that will look great in our entry way with pictures of our family! I also enjoyed looking back at these items as I was putting it together. For example, I cannot believe that diaper ever fit him! It is strange to think that my almost 9 month old was ever that tiny! I know that seeing the piece in our entryway will also make me smile and feel grateful for our little blessing for years to come!


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  1. Such a cute idea! Keeping this in mind as a gift for my next friend that has a baby!

  2. I LOVE shadow boxes! I think they are such a cool way to keep a range of special items in a safe place whilst also being on display ☺️ You could totally make this an annual gift, too!

  3. This is so precious. I want to do something like this for my son. He’s now 3, so I should probably get started. Lol.

  4. It turned out so well. Good on you for doing it now and before he's, I dunno, seven, lol! It's so cute!!

  5. This is such a cute DIY! I'm sending this to my aunt. She's going to love this ideas!

  6. Aww this is such a sweet idea! I love that you used all of these items, including a newborn diaper and it still looks lovely hung up on the wall :) Id definitely do something like this one day when I’m a mum x

  7. Aw I love this so much! What a great idea. It turned out so well.

  8. I love this! Shadow boxes are such a great way to display keepsakes.


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